About us

We all know how frustrating it can be when it comes to searching for personal loans because of the wide variety of companies out there all claiming to have the best rates.

Mega-Loans.co.za was started to guide you into the right direction when it comes to getting a personal loan. Here you will find tips and information that will help you to make the best decision when it comes to searching for a loan online.

We have also done extensive research to find the best possible personal loan company in South Africa that will provide you with the best possible rates and professional service.


We are a growing team of asset management, farming experts, and mining in marketing, technology. This diversity allows us the capability to continuously adapt to changes and add further value for investors in this new and growing industry. As innovators ourselves , we have a forward thinking strategy and have plans to create wealth for our Investors.

South African mutual(CIS) investment company that was founded by a group of young investors/entrepreneurs While they were employees at one of South Africa’s Biggest Banks.

Whats is a CIS company?

A CIS(Collective Investment Schemes) is a type of investment vehicle used by investment managers to pool investors’ money to enable them to access investments which they might not otherwise be able to access in their individual capacities. Through a CIS an investor can also achieve a spread of investments in assets such as bonds, deposits, money market instruments etc. One of the main characteristics of a CIS is that investors get to share the risks and benefits of their investment in a scheme in proportion to the participatory interests in the scheme.

Where we come from?
To fully appreciate the essence of Mega-Loans we have to begin at its origins and foundation to identify some of its key birthmarks that, taken together with other foundation stones that were laid at its inception, its reason for being, how it came about and some of the principles accompanied by moral obligations that underlie the operations of Mega Investments, which continue to shape its identity and character.

What makes unique?
Mega-Loans And Investments is a combination of legacy, sound business, community building and a focus on Africa. We use the core values set by our founding fathers to build a strong company that uses sound business principles and good financial results to transform lives and make a difference in our communities, both internally and externally.

Why our stakeholders choose us?
Mega Loans And Investments has a number of stakeholders that interact with the company at various levels and as such, each stakeholder experiences Investments differently. While values are shared with stakeholders, brand value alignment is applied more specifically across communication touch-points and relationships so as to cultivate the best of all business activities.

Where we are now?
We are an African company that came into being shortly before South Africa’s formal political transition to democracy, setting new norms and changing the face of business by establishing a socially embedded company that uses its business success to transform lives, and make a difference in our communities.


Institutions We Associate With

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Mega Loans And Investments uses Crowd Funding to raise capital

What is Crowd Funding – Put simply, crowdfunding is the process of getting a large crowd of people to pay a small amount of money to invest in an idea or product, with the promise that when said idea comes to fruition, they will get first access to it. The idea can be anything, from an innovative piece of tech to a video game to a novelty gift. The key is engage people in your idea, be able to convince them to invest a small amount of money for a small reward, and then get them to share the project because they feel they have bought into something special and want others to know about it. The best crowdfunding projects get people talking about them and the investment follows on.